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Southern States Premium Tall Fescue 3 lb

Southern States Premium Tall Fescue 3 lb

Southern States

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Tall fescue, Festuca arundinacea Schreb, is a cool season, coarse-textured, bunch grass. Having an extensive root system, tall fescue tolerates heat and drought better than other cool season turfgrasses. It will grow in a wide variety of soil conditions and will persist in full sun to partial shade. Tall fescue also has excellent wear resistance and has lower maintenance requirements than other turfgrasses.

Tall fescue can be used for home lawns, parks/recreation sites, utility turf, erosion control, athletic fields and golf courses for the roughs and natural areas. Tall fescue can be used alone or in combination with other turfgrasses. The most commonly used turfgrasses in mixtures with tall fescue are Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass and fine fescue. Tall fescue is one of the most commonly used turfgrasses and is adapted to a large area of the country.

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