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Hayhuts are the leading covered round bale hay feeders for horses that deliver efficiency both in every day use and in cost. In addition to the actual hay/cost savings, the use of large bale hay significantly reduces

Labor costs and these Hayhuts help to minimize pasture stress in overstock situations and during poor forage growing conditions. It is interesting to note how well these pasture feeders stop 'big bale bickering' and also how they bring a strong air of calmness and contentedness across the ranch as the horses all know that they have a constant source of forage. The Hayhut is a robust, durable, and UV stabilized covered hay feeder made of polyethylene. Hence, it cannot rust and does not require any maintenance unlike the majority of metal feeders.

DIMENSIONS - 84" deep x 72" wide x 86" high WEIGHT - 230 lbs Hay Huts

MATERIAL - high density polyethylene for strength and flexibility.

COLOR - Forest Green

The Hayhut is a full 84 inches in depth so that it can accommodate the largest of round rolls now being produced in the USA and up to twenty conventional square bales or the majority of big square bales. This additional depth also allows it to be easily pushed back over very large bales, even if they have been placed on a pallet, without catching the top lip of the feeder on the bale. It is 86 inches high so that there is plenty of headroom for the use of a pallet while still allowing for good airflow and cooling over the top of the bale. Hayhut in back of pickup

The width of 72 inches allows up to three units (in six halves) to be transported easily in a standard bed pick-up truck (see photo). The Hayhut can be delivered in halves or can be ordered assembled at no extra cost. This half unit measures 42" x 72" x 86" and has four feeding windows.

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