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FlockLeader ENHANCE


Functional Poultry Treats for Egg Production & Quality

FlockLeader FUNctional treats provide nutritional benefits beyond feed, while also bringing interactive fun to a backyard flock! Your flock’s feed is based on the decades-old version of the Nutrient Requirements for Poultry – it’s not optimized for a 21st century backyard environment. With five unique formulas, each one of our Poultry Treats with a Purpose is designed to bring specialized benefits to your flock.

FlockLeader Enhance is formulated to help birds replenish key nutrients needed for egg production and improve overall egg quality, made with:

  • USA-sourced black soldier fly larvae, which contain 50x more calcium than mealworms
  • Vitamin A rich marigold and carrot to enhance the egg yolk color
  • Omega-3 rich flax seed to enrich the egg yolk
  • Nutrient enhancing enzymes
  • Essential amino acids and minerals to help increase egg weight and support calcium metabolism, keeping birds' bones strong while they are producing eggs

Feeding Instructions: Enhance can be used as a daily treat (1-2 Tbsp per bird) or meal mixer (1/4 cup for every 1 lb of feed). Safe for all adult poultry species. Box and inner bag 100% curbside recyclable.

Made in USA

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