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Crossbow Specialty Herbicide


Crossbow is a postemergent product that targets woody plants and brush such as blackberries and poison oak, as well as annual and perennial broadleaves, while leaving grasses unharmed. Crossbow achieves excellent control of woody plants and brush and can be applied by all types of sprayers, from hand-held models to tractor-mounted spray rigs. Except for lactating dairy animals there are no grazing restrictions following the application of Crossbow Herbicide. Crossbow is rainfast within two hours

  • Controls most unwanted trees and brush
  • Use on rangeland, grass pastures, non-crop areas
  • CONTAINS: 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, butoxyethyl ester, Triclopyr BEE
  • APPLICATION: For spot applications use 4 to 6 fl. oz in 3 gallons of water. spray to thoroughly wet all foliage. Application types and rates vary, consult product label for specifics.
  • PACKED 12 x Qt.-#24863, 4 x Gl- #24864 2 x 2.5 Gl #24868

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