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Blue Seal Inspire Actify

Blue Seal

A textured horse feed with shredded beet pulp for performance horses.

Product Description

Inspire® Actify® is a high calorie blend of shredded beet pulp, oats, barley and pellets, wrapped in molasses and vegetable oil. Inspire Actify incorporates a Triple Energy Release System® – a unique combination of carbohydrates, fat and fermentable fiber providing optimized energy to help meet the complex demands of the equine athlete. The low dust plus added fiber makes Inspire Actify an ideal grain for track horses.

Features & Benefits

Shredded Beet Pulp

The highly fermentable fiber from beet pulp offers a safe and natural way to increase the caloric content of a performance horse feed while still providing long-stem fiber for good digestive health.

Triple Energy Release System®

A unique combination of carbohydrates, fat and fermentable fiber releases sequential energy to continuously supply the necessary calories for maintaining stamina and performance, especially in race horses.

Yeast Prebiotics

Yeast metabolites help sustain a healthy microbial fermentation, maintaining nutrient digestibility and overall digestive health.

Advanced Antioxidant Package

Antioxidant nutrients including stable vitamins and organic trace mineral complexes help support the immune system maintaining optimal health and metabolism.

Fixed Ingredient Formula

A consistent ingredient feed helps maintain a stable gut environment and overall digestive health bag after bag.

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