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Blue Seal Guinea Pig Pels

Blue Seal

Product Description 

Guinea Pig Pels, fortified with added vitamin C, provides Guinea Pigs with a nutritionally sound diet formulated with tasty and nutritious ingredients. Guinea Pig Pellets features a consistent formula to aid digestive health and function, chelated trace minerals for increased bioavailability of zinc, copper, and manganese, and MosPlus for stabilizing the digestive tract. The high- fiber formula eliminates the need for forage, although a wood chew treat should be supplied to keep the animal’s front teeth worn down. 

Features & Benefits 

Fixed Formulation 

Ensures consistent, high-quality pellets from bag to bag preventing sudden changes in the diet and maintains digestive health and function. 

Added Vitamin C 

Meets dietary needs. Guinea Pigs, like humans and monkeys, cannot synthesize their own vitamin C and depend on a dietary supply. 

Chelated Trace Minerals 

The more biologically available forms of zinc, copper, and manganese are added to provide proper levels of minerals for optimum health and appearance.


Supports the presence of beneficial bacteria and helps stabilize the digestive tract. 

Yeast Culture 

Supports a healthy, functional fermentation in the digestive system, promoting fiber digestion.

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