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Blue Seal Feeds & Seeds-Nyjer Seed

Blue Seal

  • BLUE SEAL FEEDS & SEEDS: Blue Seal Feeds & Seeds Nyjer Seed is an excellent source of energy and highly attractive to finches. Nyjer Seed is derived from sunflower plants and will not produce thistles.
  • INCREASED SURVIVAL RATES: Survival rates were 38% higher in areas where bird feeders were present. Birds at sites with feeders have less stress than birds at sites without feeders.
  • ATTRACTS A WIDE VARIETY OF WILD BIRDS: Finches, Dark-Eyed Juncos, and Mourning Doves
  • INGREDIENTS: Nyjer Seed
  • TIPS FOR ATTRACTING WILD BIRDS: Birds will frequent your feeders more if you provide a consistent reliable source of feed. Setting out a bird bath and providing clean, fresh water will also attract birds not normally drawn to feeders.